Venue spaces

Pre-function Area

Fior’s pre-function area transforms into an indoor-outdoor oasis once the room-long bifold doors seamlessly collapse onto themselves, revealing a 200 square metre courtyard.

Within the cocktail bar, guests are greeted with entrance florals, variable coloured lighting and a 360 degree marble bar.

Six metre tall white, linen drapes pool onto the polished concrete floors below.  An entire wall of mirror reflects not only the room’s brilliance, but the look of awe on guests faces upon entrance.

A white floral cloud floats above the bar, accented by gold chain chandeliers, giving a small taste of what’s to come once guests venture further.

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Outdoor courtyard

The 200 square metre outdoor courtyard area is paved with travertine style floors, fenced with grey marble panels, lined with magnolia trees, potted deep red maples, climbing jasmine and ficus.

It is the perfect space for a ceremony and comes complete with state of the art sound system, microphones and three phase power. A Luxurious and Versatile Ceremony Space with Travertine Floors, Marble Fencing, Magnolia Trees, Potted Deep Red Maples, Climbing Jasmine, and Ficus, also Equipped with State-of-the-Art Sound System, Microphones, and Three Phase Power

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Grand ballroom

As guests make their way into the grand ballroom, they are blown away by 300 square metres of white floral cloud above an expansive white gloss mirror dance floor.

Brilliantly lit gold chains drape effortlessly and sporadically throughout the floral cloud as if they are dancing beams of sunlight.
This installation is like nothing else. It transports guests to a faraway land, igniting imagination.

A commanding LED lit, white gloss stage demands attention at the head of the room. It overlooks stylish white leather brass trim chairs, meticulously set around your choice of round or rectangle tables. The main ballroom allows car access from outside providing the opportunity for a creative arrival or exit whereby a classic car can drive all the way into the venue; food trucks and ice cream carts also welcome.

Off to the side of the ballroom, the raised band stage provides a multitude of possibility. This is accompanied by direct access to the courtyard and of course the 360 degree white marble bar.

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Upstairs Suite

At the top of the grand white staircase heralds an enviable private suite.

Never before has Melbourne seen a bride or groom suite of such magnitude.
From natural stone floor, French panelled walls and boucle furnishings, this space is nothing short of modern brilliance. The area includes a makeup and hair station lit with

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